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Amir SegalAmir Segal

Physicist  / web developer /  guitar player / amateur engineer, Amir is always looking for new challenges.

In recent years he finished his Ph.D. studies at the Spintronics laboratory, Tel Aviv University, where he worked with lots of cool toys such as superconducting electromagnets, electron microscopes etc.
Amir plays electric guitar for rock band Kobayashi Porcelain.
Lately he got involved in several projects which demanded the use of some electronics and Arduino boards. The next natural step was to combine his love for science and music, hence this site.


Shmuel Ben DovShmuel Ben Dov

Shmuel is one of the leading music therapists in Israel. He loves to use audio/visual/sensory technologies to the benefit of his patients. Shmuel’s wide musical knowledge and experience is a great asset to the DIYbeats project.

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